Health & Care

Health has the most priority in the human life. So that we provide for you health care products.

Ear Wax cleaner for removing dirt from adult and kids ear. Its a new product with flushing and cleaning ear.

This product is totaly safe in all aspects. It also known as ear washer. In Ear wax warm water and hydrogen peroxide sodium is use for the cleaning purpose.

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Protien Powder shake , only for Women, Replacement of meal by lady boss.

Top Quality protein shake for loss wait only. Decrease your weight 30 days.

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Healthy Sleep with Natural Harbel Adult Aid Formula for Restful Sleep.

It is risk free . Top saleing best sleep aid . Herbals that are use in it from Centuries. No side effect.

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Body fat scale with the digital bluetooth weight scale

Body bluetooth scale Keep you fit with the its more advance features wireless tech.You can weight youself without connect mobilephone.

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